Use your imagination, be different, get off the path of least resistance, take risks. Create something that has never existed before. It can change your life and maybe change the world.
Cliiq is a social commerce platform for artists and creators. Founded by former award-winning photojournalist and creative entrepreneur Shaun Curry as well as photographer and Social Marketer Richard Chambury in London in 2018.
Filling a much-needed space for a new creative lead long-form service, Cliiq combines the familiar with the new: It builds on the digital experience of social platforms and offers creatives new personal publishing for profit tools at zero commission.
Cliiq is ideal for photographers, artists, designers, podcasters, writers, musicians or vloggers. And anyone who regularly publishes online.
We are the alternative place, a harbinger. Cliiq is a social bond regardless of gender, ethnicity or popularity.