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What is Cliiq?

Cliiq is a social commerce platform for artists and creators. It combines the usability of a social network and blogging system together with the practicality of a crowdfund and membership platform, providing a simple way to share, network and fund your content in one place.

Every creator has their own profile, where they can publish short and long posts of audio, images, text and video which are complemented by hashtags, links and comments. If a creator is interested in a particular topic, they can use the search function to find posts focused on a specific subject. Cliiq creators can also tag other creators in their images and add different hashtags to any of their posts, to help them become more discoverable.

Why is it different?

We provide a simple way to fund, network and share your content with zero commission for both buyer or seller, regardless of how many sales are made or how many pledges are made. Each Cliiq paid member can add our secure micro-payment widget to any individual post. Alternatively, they can create a recurring subscription for their whole profile encompassing all the posts they create.

Who is it for?

Cliiq appeals to a wide audience of content creators, from photographers to writers, podcasters to vloggers, artists, designers, brands and bands. Cliiq is a great choice for any creator who posts different types of content regularly online.

When can I use Cliiq and what is a Founder account?

Cliiq is opening an early bird opportunity for everybody to register and receive accounts on the platform BEFORE the public launch scheduled for early 2020.

All early adopters will have the opportunity to reserve their @username first, receive priority access, get release priority on new features and special Founder member status for life. Plus, Cliiq event invites and goodies that we plan to distribute in future.

All early adopters will be able to start using their Cliiq Founder accounts, starting in Fall 2019. After all the 2500 Founder accounts have been taken, Cliiq will be closed to all new accounts and only accept invite requests until 2020.

Is Cliiq free?

Cliiq will offer two subscriptions: Free and Plus (starting in 2020).

Our Free tier is open to all creators, but does contain adverts in the feed... a bit like Instagram in experience.

Cliiq Plus (£5 pcm / £50 pa) includes our e-Commerce micro-payment widget and the feed is advert-free.Not everybody is bothered by advertising... but some really are! So for us at Cliiq, the logical answer was to combine the two and provide an affordable subscription choice, for those who prefer to have an advert-free experience. Plus, they have the benefit of using our e-Commerce micro-payment widget to help fund their work!

This model allows us to offer a reliable useful service to all our customers and in turn our customer's customers, our customer's customer's customers and our... OK... you get the idea.

Not ready to join yet?

We understand you may not be ready to join now, but you can quickly sign up here and we'll send you our latest news and release dates for Cliiq.